Petrified Wood Stump

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Petrified   Limited Quantities Available 

Each petrified wood is a unique item, each having it's own unique size and color combination.  Colors vary from dark to light and with textures ranging from smooth to bark-like.  Prices vary by weight, size and finish.  

Stumps come with polished or textured sides.   

Sizes vary from 9-16" Dia x 14-19"H. Price range from $525-1495

Slabs come on small irregular round shapes suitable for side table tops or larger rectangular shapes for coffee or console table tops.  All slabs have a texture bark like sides and polished tops with typical thicknesses of 2".

Smaller slab rounds vary in size from 13-27" Diam with a typical thickness of 2". Prices range from $525-1105.  
Larger Rectangular shaped slabs vary in size from 40-50" L x 13-22" W. Thickness will vary. Prices range from $850-1850.
Pair with our Cipher Collection Bases to create side, coffee or console tables. 


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